Dr. Chen supports for School Resource Officers

Dr. Chen believes in the importance of the School Resource Officers (SROs) in maintaining a safe learning environment for students. And Chen is in support of keeping the current 13 SROs at all high schools and Homewood Center and restoring 6 SROs who are shared among middle schools. Here is Chen’s view on SROs:

  • Enhance safety: SROs help address emergencies in schools, have quick access by radio or call when needed, provide safety training to both teachers and students, and serve as the go-to person for “see something – say something” for students at school. Also, the presence of an SRO may deter potential aggression and violence.
  • Career role models: SROs can show a positive impact on students by giving safety instructions on topics such as drugs, DUI, traffic, etc., so our kids could better learn the rights and responsibilities to protect themselves. SROs can be the first point of contact for a student interested in a law enforcement career.
  • Responsibility: SROs should be thoroughly vetted before entering the program. Continuous training – throughout the year and during summer breaks – should be in place for them, too.

If you are interested in discussing this issue with Dr. Chen, please feel free to leave a comment, or send email to chen4boe@gmail.com.

Meet and Greet – An Interactive Dialogue with Dr. Chen and the Community

Sat, March 19, 2pm – 4pm

Elkridge Library, Belmont / Hockley Room

6540 Washington Blvd, Elkridge, MD 21075

The spring is finally here! Come to join Dr. Chen and the community to meet and greet. We will discuss the current issues you care most on Howard County Public School Education. You will get a firsthand experience to get to know Dr. Chen and what he can do to serve our community. Together Let’s make our schools better!

Light refreshment will be provided. Please go to chen4boe.org/register to make your reservation or click the button below. We look forward to seeing you!

OBRC recommended the BOE request HCPSS benchmark HCPSS to neighboring counties

Last night the OBRC recommended the BOE request HCPSS benchmark HCPSS to neighboring counties in regard to non-school based senior administration (excluding ESP) costs to analyze the efficiency of overall Administrative costs per pupil as compared to teacher/student ratios and determine ways to maximize efficiency. (Recommendation passes 10-0 with 0 abstentions). As a member of OBRC, I fully support this recommendation!