1. If elected, what are the top three priorities you will pursue during your term?

My top three priorities are:
(1) addressing the staff shortage;
(2) providing adequate school infrastructure;
(3) improving student physical health and mental health.:

2. What actions will you take to address the impact the pandemic has had on students, especially related to learning loss, social development, and mental health?

HCPSS should provide and sustain a safe in-person learning environment for all students and bring back classroom instructions to pre-Covid levels. In-person learning is critical for children’s social development and mental health. In terms of learning loss, we can recruit high school students and staff to tutor students and reinforce any identified weak spots after school and during summer break. 

3. What changes would you make in how school funding is allocated so as to obtain the best results for students at the most responsible cost to taxpayers? Which interventions would you emphasize to provide the greatest benefit to students?

The allocation should have a priority list each year and be agile enough to meet new challenges. Staff salary and benefits should be No.1 priority this year due to staff shortage and the high inflation rate. The school budget needs to be sustainable and reflect the county revenue projection. Additionally, HCPSS should always scout cost effective new technologies/methods to solve pressing issues. 

4. What are the factors that should be considered for attendance area changes (redistricting), and what should trigger that review?

Redistricting should be least disruptive to students and families. Redistricting should only be based on school utilization and should be done less frequently and more predictably. Redistricting is the least effective method to address academic performance. HCPSS should work with the community to build a supportive and encouraging environment inside and outside schools. 

5. How would you support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of all students and their families in our schools?

I support diversity, equity, and inclusion and this is one of my platform issues. An inclusive school system should treat everyone fairly, appreciate their differences, and recognize their identities. Everyone should feel safe and welcomed at school. No one should be treated less because of their race, gender, identity, or ability. 

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