Can voters who are not registered with the Democratic or Republican Party (voters who are registered as independent or not affiliated) vote in the Primary Election on July 19, 2022? The answer is YES. You cannot vote for those running for election as Governor, County Executive, County Council, and other elected positions that are party affiliated (you can vote in the General election for these positions), but you can vote in the primary for elected positions that are nonpartisan, such as Board of Education.

Why do Board of Education positions run as nonpartisan? Simple, School Board Members are supposed to act in the best interest of all children regardless of their party affiliation and without conflict or influence from a political party. I am running for one of the At-Large position on the Board of Education because I strongly believe that politics should not influence decision making when it comes to educating our children. So, when it comes time to vote in the Primary Election, ask yourself if the person you are considering for a position on the School Board has a political agenda, or are they, like me, in it to ensure a better education for all students? If you care about education and address the real problems, please vote for Dr. Linfeng Chen. I will ALWAYS put children and their education above party politics.

You can make a difference by contributing to my campaign, staging my yard sign on your yard, wearing Vote for CHEN T-shirts, and volunteer anything you like to do! Please visit my website ( and register. I appreciate any help from you!

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