Please see OBRC (HCPSS Operating Budget Review Committee) motions passed recently:

1. OBRC commends HCPSS for the development of a Strategic Technology Plan. The OBRC recommends HCPSS conduct an annual review of technology priorities and potential advantages/disadvantages and identify possible cost savings by 1) analyzing technology use patterns, 2) maintenance/replacement requests, and 3) technical support needs at each of the following levels: early childhood, elementary, middle, secondary. (Motion passes 12-0)

2. The OBRC recommends that the BOE request that the budget start with a variance analysis from the previous budget to the current forecast (of the current school year), explaining the gap between the budget and the forecast, and then a walk from the current forecast to the current budget (of the next school year). (Motion passes 12-0)

3. Recommend that all Budget reconciliation scenarios be presented in one concise document that is updated as new scenarios are drafted to allow for easy comparative analysis. (Motion passes 10-0, 1 abstention)

4. The OBRC requests the Board ask HCPSS to disclose in the budget the quantifiable and measurable metrics and indicators used to clarify needs for additional non-instructional staff and the performance goals tied to these positions. (Motion passes 10-0)

5. The OBRC recommends the Board request HCPSS provide a Citizen’s Guide to the Budget, per internal auditor recommendation in the Budget Process Review. (Motion passes 10-0)

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