Make your voice heard by casting your vote

It is your constitutional right to vote. It is imperative that we as citizens of this great country exercise that right. Make sure your voice is heard. If you requested a mail-in ballot you can mail it back or drop it into a mail-in drop box at the locations listed below. Don’t forget to vote Dr. Linfeng Chen for Board of Education. Together we can provide Better Education for ALL!

Drop box locations:

Gary J. Arthur Community Center

Marriotts Ridge High School

George Howard Building

Howard High School

Wilde Lake High School

Laurel Woods Elementary School

Long Reach High School

Howard County Board of Elections

Reservoir High School

Elkridge 50+ Center

Howard County public school SY 2023-24 redistricting process impact, feedback and my positions

The 2022 Feasibility Study includes four redistricting scenarios A, B, C, D to open New HS #13 for implementation in SY 2023-24. Please check if your area is impacted.…/06%2009%202022%20Feasibility…

You can locate your Polygon using this map.…/webap…/index.html…

Redistricting Process for the 2023-2024 School Year…/redistricting-for-23-24/

You can participate in this redistricting by attending three community feedback sessions and filling out the survey

Thursday June 23 Long Reach HS, 7-8:30 pm

Tuesday June 28 Reservoir HS, 7-8:30 pm

Wednesday June 29 Oakland Mills HS, 7-8:30 pm

As a school board candidate, I support neighborhood schools, minimize small feeders, reduce transportation times for students, and reduce transportation costs by optimized shorter routes.

Redistricting should only be based on school utilization and should be done less frequently and more predictably.

Recent OBRC (HCPSS Operating Budget Review Committee) motions passed

Please see OBRC (HCPSS Operating Budget Review Committee) motions passed recently:

1. OBRC commends HCPSS for the development of a Strategic Technology Plan. The OBRC recommends HCPSS conduct an annual review of technology priorities and potential advantages/disadvantages and identify possible cost savings by 1) analyzing technology use patterns, 2) maintenance/replacement requests, and 3) technical support needs at each of the following levels: early childhood, elementary, middle, secondary. (Motion passes 12-0)

2. The OBRC recommends that the BOE request that the budget start with a variance analysis from the previous budget to the current forecast (of the current school year), explaining the gap between the budget and the forecast, and then a walk from the current forecast to the current budget (of the next school year). (Motion passes 12-0)

3. Recommend that all Budget reconciliation scenarios be presented in one concise document that is updated as new scenarios are drafted to allow for easy comparative analysis. (Motion passes 10-0, 1 abstention)

4. The OBRC requests the Board ask HCPSS to disclose in the budget the quantifiable and measurable metrics and indicators used to clarify needs for additional non-instructional staff and the performance goals tied to these positions. (Motion passes 10-0)

5. The OBRC recommends the Board request HCPSS provide a Citizen’s Guide to the Budget, per internal auditor recommendation in the Budget Process Review. (Motion passes 10-0)