Dr. Linfeng Chen is a devoted father of three Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) students who currently attend Reservoir High School, Hammond Middle School, and Hammond Elementary School respectively. A Structural Engineer with a Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics, Linfeng and his family have been living in Howard County for 11 years. The family chose to live in Howard County for its diverse community and excellent school system.

Passionate about serving the community and helping improve the quality of public school education, Linfeng has had a long record of serving and making a difference in the HCPSS community. He is currently serving on the Board of Education Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC). Over the years, he has served on the HCPSS Science Advisory Committee, Social Study Advisory Committee, and School Calendar committee. As a highly trained engineer, Linfeng regularly shares his expertise with local students and has given Career Day presentations at the Hammond Elementary school and the Reservoir High School. Linfeng has also extensively volunteered in both boy scouts and girl scouts, serving in various roles as Den leader, committee member, and event coordinator. He has also volunteered as a Science station manager at the Linstead Day Camp at the Howard County Fairground and served as treasurer for the United Blue Travel Soccer team in the Soccer Association of Columbia (SAC).

Linfeng’s passion to serve extends well beyond the HCPSS system and throughout the Howard County community. He played a leading role in implementing the Howard County Chinese School Horizon Foundation 2021 grant and helped establish the youth ambassador program. Linfeng cares deeply about environmental issues and serves as project leader of Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT) Grant to promote smart water use for sustainable gardening in Howard County. In addition, Linfeng served as a member of the board of directors of the Howard County Chinese School (HCCS) and was a founding member and Vice President of the Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County (CAPA-HC).

Dr. Linfeng Chen advocates for a better quality of public education that would benefit everybody regardless of economic status, better investment in school infrastructure to accommodate a growing population and reduce unnecessary school redistricting, and better educational programing that prioritizes students’ physical and mental wellbeing. Last but not least, Dr. Chen advocates for the value of diversity in strengthening our community and fostering intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, and global citizenship among our students. A proud parent and member of the Howard County community, Dr. Chen dedicates himself to serving the best interests of all HCPSS parents and students.


Email: chen4boe@gmail.com

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