First and foremost, I am a proud parent of three children in the  Howard County Public School System, including an elementary schooler, middle schooler, and high schooler. I have a strong sense of ownership of this system.  As a stakeholder, I want to make sure that our school system is heading in the right direction. The best way to do this, I feel,  is to become a member of the Board of Education.

Secondly, I am a beneficiary of public education myself. As the first person in my family who has ever gone to college and earned bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees, I broke many glass ceilings in my family. I hope many students can break their glass ceilings and set many records of  firsts in their families. High quality public education benefits everyone in this county regardless of their family economic situations. I hope that every student can dream big for their future, can maximize their potential, and thrive through the best public education we can offer.

In addition, I want to use my professional and life experiences to help improve our schools and benefit our community. I have been involved in many Committees within HCPSS over the years. I currently serve on the Board of Education Operating Budget Review Committee and  Social Study Advisory Committee and have previously served on the HCPSS Science Advisory Committee and School Calendar committee.  All of these experiences have given me great insights into HCPSS and make me uniquely qualified for the position. I also helped school PTAs, cub scouts, boy scouts, girls scouts, summer camps, sports teams, Howard County Chinese school, and CAPA-HC. I love to interact with students. I have often shared my experience with them, and I have learned from them as well. My seven years of volunteering with boy scouts taught me something about how to raise kids. Kids need to play. They may try and fail many times before they succeed. The hands-on projects and teamwork really help boys and girls apply their knowledge and skills learned from books and classrooms to solve real world problems. They help build their confidence, promote their emotional well-being, and develop their social skills. I believe this valuable experience of working with students can help me make right decisions on key school policies.

As a structural engineer of sixteen-year experience, I can use my professional knowledge in school infrastructure planning and green school initiatives. I have worked over ten years in the manufacturing industry. We constantly challenge ourselves to do more with less. As a member of BOE, I will make sure the budget is used more efficiently and effectively. We can reduce waste and focus on helping students and improving the quality of  education in the budget items.

Finally, as a first generation immigrant, I share the experience and challenges of  recent immigrants and the AAPI community which accounts for over 23% of the student body. Personally, I want to set an example for my children to carry out the duty of good citizenship and serve our community. We are not just the beneficiaries of public services,  we are also the contributors. Hopefully, with hard work and good education, we will be able to contribute more than what we receive.

I am committed to representing all families and students of Howard County and working together with all stakeholders to serve the best interests of our community. I am looking forward to listening to you and serving you!